30 Days of Guild Wars, Day 18: Worst thing about GW2?

The worst thing about GW2 is guilds.

I’m not talking about my beloved [Oops] or any other fab guild I’ve joined or made. I’m talking more about the mechanics of guilds in general. For it being ~Guild~ Wars 2, ArenaNet made some critical mistakes with the functionality of guilds.

Some reasons why guilds in GW2 suck:

  • no guild hall
  • no alliance function
  • no ‘message of the day’ popping up automatically to the chat panel when you log in
  • no ability to see when someone last logged in
  • can only be in 5 guilds
  • no guild halls
  • lame glitches that lock you out of your own guild/guild chat
  • no guild capes

In my opinion, there was no reason for guild halls not to be ready to go at launch. And after waiting for 3487234 years for news about them, hearing from Regina Buenaobra that they weren’t being actively worked on (source) blew my mind. I understand that this is still a new game and priorities lie in fixing current bugs (looooooool) and also making money- but the loss of certain guild functions can make dealing with guilds a headache.

That’s not saying I don’t like the improvements made on guilds form GW1. I like the idea of influence, I like being able to join multiple guilds, I like the bank and the new logos and clicking on the guild to see how far ahead Sean is ahead of everyone with achievement points. But I really miss certain aspects of GW1 guild functions that helped develop your sense of community within the guild and make things comfortable and easy for everyone. I know for [Oops], that environment cannot come fast enough. I can’t even imagine at this point what it will feel like to use a fully functioning guild chat while I’m sitting in a private guild hall/airship/dragon/unicorn fart/idek what will exist tbh


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